Biancolilla Extra Vergin Olive Oil

Organoleptic characteristics
Cold Extraction
A harmonious and delicate blend, with a soft flavor and suave fragrance, and a sweet and lively aftertaste. The bright color of this light fruitiness announces to the palate its gentleness, acting as an ambassador for the soft taste that will marry it. Particularly suitable, in fact, to enhance the flavor of simple and genuine dishes, such as first courses with white sauces, boiled or grilled vegetables, salads, white meat, but especially raw, baked and roasted fish.
Its delicacy and lightness allows its use also in the preparation of homemade desserts and ice cream.
Package formats:
0,10 L glass bottle
Glass bottle 0,25 L
Glass bottle 0,50 L
3 L tin
5 L tin