Tempio Extra Vergin Olive Oil


Organoleptic characteristics
Cold Extraction
Tempio is a luxury to be tasted and it is addressed to a careful, demanding and selective consumer, who appreciates what is bold and unique, in line with its own values and style.The company, in order to guarantee the excellence of its Extra Virgin Olive Oil, adopts a constant quality regime, subjecting the blends first to sensory analysis by an internal panel and then to the judgment of an accredited external panel, to certify the absence of defects. To the eye it is bright green. To the nose intense fruity scents, to the taste more pronounced towards the green olive, to the aftertaste persists a bitter note. All accompanied by hints of spicy. To be matched with red meats, mushrooms and legumes.
Package formats:
0.10 L glass bottle
Glass bottle of 0,25 L
3 L tin
5 L tin